Are DNA Kits the Thing? – Finding Out Where We’re From!

    DNA kits are in! ….according to us.

    We should start off by saying we’ve been wanting to find out where we’re from for a long time. Especially me! Hi, I’m Ariana if you didn’t already know. Since the day Hannah and I met, I’ve been talking about not knowing exactly where in the world I come from. I’m always asking myself why that even bothers me. I suppose I’m just nosy and need to know everything. A few years ago, my dad told me to dig deeper into finding out where we come from so that I can tell my future children. I never considered that before he told me this. Now I’m like, I need to know everything!

    Knowing where we’re from plays an important role.

    Thanks to 23andMe, we finally get some answers! The process is operated into 2 steps.

    Step 1: They send you the kit, you register the kit with the instructions provided in the kit, provide a saliva sample, send it back and boom, you’re done with step 1.

    Step 2: After waiting 6-8 weeks, you’ll get an email with your detailed results.

    During this waiting period, We’ve been speculating on where we think we’re from just from talking to our parents and getting some brief family background. So why don’t we just go ahead and play a little guessing game?

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