We Want Money, And Lots of It! – Are We Motivated by Money?

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    Money Money Money, Who doesn’t love it?

    We’re born and raised to think that we must grow up and be something so that we can make money to live our best and most comfortable lives. At least, that’s what we’re taught here in America. We get it, money actually matters and we’re bitter sweet about it. Sometimes, we’re like, “why the hell do these pieces of paper hold so much power in the world?” We’re often disturbed by the broader idea of how money works. At the same time, we get it. Why does money matter so much to us as a society? Why do we consider a lot of it to be the end goal? Lastly, are we personally motivated by money?

    Our answer is rather simple.

    Yes, we are motivated by money. We don’t feel any shame about it either. Some people may look at us and think “well, of course you’re motivated by money. You’re two women, you’re high maintenance and need a lot.” Wrong. We don’t need a lot, we want a lot. There’s a difference, sweetie. We’re pretty much on the same page with what we want in life and money is at the forefront of making most of the things we desire in life possible. We want to travel in the near future. Without some sort of money, we don’t know how travel would be possible. We have yet to come across free plane tickets. If you know of any, definitely send us an email or DM on Instagram. We aren’t saying you need a lot of money to travel but the reality is you do need some.

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