How We Built a Solid Foundation – The Early Stages of Our Relationship

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    Or should we call this blog post, “How we managed not to crash and burn during our first month of dating?”

    Whatever you want to call it, we survived the early stages of our relationship when honestly, the odds were NOT in our favor. For those of you who don’t know how or where we met, make sure to read our blog post about wether or not long distance is a deal breaker here. You’ll be able to get all of the tea on how, where, what, when, the whole thing.

    Now let’s get back into the real topic.

    Building a solid foundation early on when meeting a potential partner is so very important. We don’t and can’t all move at the same pace as one another; therefore, respecting each other and working together is important. We personally  have never had a problem with respecting each others pace. If anything, we embraced our differences.

    To give you guys an example of where we stood when we met, Hannah was more emotionally closed off. When it came to dating, she wasn’t familiar with being vulnerable while I had known vulnerability all too well. I could have pressured her into talking to me, but seriously? what good would that do for us? Instead, I waited until she felt more comfortable.

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