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We are Ariana Offray and Hannah Glover. Ariana was born and raised in Los Angeles, while Hannah was born in Savannah, Georgia. She moved around for most of her childhood until she and her family settled in San Diego, California.

During Hannah’s first year of college in LA, we found ourselves living within ten minutes of each other. After matching on Tinder in April of 2016, we met up and clicked right away. However, school ended soon after and Hannah moved back home to San Diego. Despite living two hours apart, we spent that summer going on fun dates and getting to know one another.

Now, over a year later, we live together in our first apartment in LA. Some of our favorite things are In N Out, Disney Channel Originals, retro diners, vintage stuff, free museums, and beaches. We also love superhero movies, even though we disagree about the superheroes themselves. Superman and Captain America are Ariana’s favorites, while Hannah prefers more “realistic” heroes like Deadpool and the X-Men. Actually, our first date was going to see Deadpool at our now favorite $3 movie theater, the same theater where we had our first kiss a month later.

We started this blog on a whim. One otherwise average Sunday afternoon, Ariana pitched the idea as a way to document our lives together. Prior to starting this blog, we had some difficulties documenting our lives as a new couple. Taking pictures together was a struggle, if we remembered to try at all. We didn’t want our memories to escape us, so we organized The Angelinos as a place to collect them for the future. After a few days of designing and documenting, we realized how much fun we were having, and we decided to start blogging as full time as possible.

The Angelinos is a lifestyle blog where we’ll cover just about anything relating to our lives. Welcome to our lifestyle!