Happy relationship communication advice

Relationships are as diverse as the individuals within them.

However, there are universal elements that apply to all healthy and happy relationships. For us, the best feature of our relationship is our communication. The ability to communicate with your partner is usually linked to negativity: how do you handle disagreements? What does it look like when you fight? For us, communication is an everyday part of our lives, and it’s mostly positive.

happy relationship communication advice

There are a million different ways to have a relationship.

There are adventurous couples whose lives together revolve around rowdy, adrenaline-filled fun, aesthetic couples whose instagrams beautifully represent the best parts of themselves, and countless other types of relationships. Our relationship is built on talking. We usually talk at home, or in my car driving from errand to errand, but the most special times are when we get to sit down in a cafe or restaurant and just focus on each other.

On our last day in Palm Springs, we spent the day driving around town taking pictures and walking through furniture stores. Exhausted and hot, we stopped at Ernest Coffee Co for a necessary caffeine boost before driving back home to LA.

happy relationship communication advice

happy relationship communication advice

We spent the better part of an hour sharing drinks and talking.

We discussed our weekend trip, the week ahead, what we wanted for dinner, what we were excited about for the future of this website, and a hundred other things that were relevant to us in that moment. This kind of communication is what makes for a happy relationship because it means we genuinely love sharing with one another. I care about what Ariana thinks and feels day to day, and she does the same for me. I want her input on my plans and experience because I care about her opinion. Simply valuing and appreciating your partner’s thoughts can make communicating more natural and positive.

happy relationship communication advice

happy relationship communication advice

Of course, listening is as fundamental to communication as sharing.

I’m an extraordinarily talkative person. My words can be a livestream directly from my thoughts with very little filter, and I can go on eternally. Ariana is quieter, and her words are more carefully chosen and insightful. Improving your ability to listen is just as important as being able to open up to your partner. This applies to disagreements, but it’s just as necessary day to day. Our conversations are rarely one sided, and this is because we both understand the importance of listening to your partner.

happy relationship communication advice

happy relationship communication advice

Our relationship is the happiest.

We were both in exclusively unhealthy and toxic relationships before meeting each other. Because of this, we are always grateful for the way we can be with one another. We rarely fight, even though we do disagree regularly, and we have the most fun together. Whether we’re tired, moody, off our meds, or stressed, we can always turn to the other for support and someone to talk to.

happy relationship communication advice

Communication is the foundation of our happy relationship. It makes spending every day together effortless, and it continues to bring us closer as a couple. After over a year of dating, it’s clear that this key will keep bringing us happiness in the years to come.

What are your keys to a successful relationship? Comment below!




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