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This is totally just another gift guide…with a twist.

It’s that time of year where gift guides are flying around like hot cakes on a skillet, and we are guilty of relying on gift guides to do what they advertise, to guide us in the direction of hopefully finding the perfect gift for our loved ones. Although we love browsing around the internet for the latest guides, we usually find ourselves at a loss. This is probably because we have been going about gift shopping in the wrong way for our loved ones.

There is one major key to shopping for the perfect gift for someone…

This major key is to know the person you’re shopping for, or to at least know some background information on their interests. This may sound obvious, but not every mother likes to cook and not every man likes ties and wallets.

So our gift guides are strictly interest-based.

Buying gifts based on a persons interest can help ensure that the person you’re shopping for gets the absolute most out of their gift. My dad just so happens to love cooking, so I consider this interest while shopping for him. So, no “Ultimate Gift Guide for Mom” here, folks! Without further ado, welcome to our very first gift guide for the person in your life who  obsesses over their home (and home decor) just as much as we do!

Our Ultimate Home Decor 2017 Gift Guide


We hope you guys were able to spot something you would gift for those home decor lovers in your life! We must admit, we’re personally obsessed with just about everything on this list and we promise, if money grew on trees, and we had less self-control, we would own them all.

Until next time!

Ariana & Hannah



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