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Thank you to Pottery Barn for gifting us the bedding featured in this post!

Welcome back! Actually, welcome back to ourselves. If you can believe it, we have a good handful of blog posts to catch up on. However, we figured we would start with a good old-fashioned life update. The last few months have been incredibly hectic but also mildly life changing. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you probably know that a lot of this shift has come from moving. So what happened?


We started our year off with a New York trip, which we had so much fun documenting and sharing! January in itself was a crazy month because it truly signified a new beginning for our business and our life. I (Hannah) graduated from undergrad, and I joined Ariana working full-time on The Angelinos. We jumped straight into working as hard as we could in order to ensure that our little business could be something to actually support us. 

But another thing that happened in January was some major cosmic energy. Energy that seemed to be screaming at us to leave our apartment. 

We will probably do a full Story Time about this, but on New Year’s Day we left our house for the first time and witnessed a cat (that we thought we knew) get hit by a car. One unsuccessful rescue mission and ER trip later, we both had bite wounds on our hands and some very bad juju. Looking back, this was the first of several signs that we needed to leave that house. 


We got back from New York in early February, had an incredible Valentine’s Day, and went back to our new “regular” life working primarily on Instagram to keep gettin’ those checks. At the same time, I got a letter in the mail notifying us that our landlord was changing management companies. In an apartment that felt like it was constantly on the verge of collapsing in on us, this was not a change we welcomed. With the absence of an online portal to report maintenance issues and an office phone to call, we knew we had to start looking for a new apartment. 

“Sometimes you have to cross the road before you get all of your ducks in a row.”

This expression turned into a mantra. When we doubted our ability to make it happen, we shrugged and put our faith in the universe pushing us in the right direction. Our goal was to move in May. May 1st to be exact. So when I started looking at apartments in February, I was only stalking buildings in order to focus on a select few locations where we would then watch for open units. One of those buildings happened to be a brick-walled, 1926 converted hotel right in the middle of where we wanted to be. I scheduled a viewing for an open unit, and we met the real estate agent at 6:00 PM in mid-February. 

As we walked back to our car after the viewing, Ariana said: “I really want that one”. It was only the second apartment we had seen, and the agent was looking for a March 1st move in date. I told her that it would be gone in a week. 


Two weeks later, I had decided to start our search seriously. We changed our move-in date to April to secure a lower monthly rent, and I woke up the morning of Friday March 1st with a list of contacts to call and a viewing already scheduled for the early afternoon. 

Leaving the viewing, I got a call from the brick-apartment agent. He told me the owner would love for us to apply if we could do an April 1st move in. That day, we submitted our application for the apartment. 

By Monday, we were approved and signed our part of the lease. On Tuesday, Mercury Retrograde hit. 

Lord, I probably don’t have to tell y’all how trash this past Mercury Retrograde was. Every single person I know has been affected and it was chaotic to the max. Basically, the real estate agents invented an imaginary “rival applicant” to try and get more money out of us, and then took the next two weeks to get the owner’s signature. Two weeks that left us unsure of whether we even had the apartment at all. Finally, the last week of March we got the signed lease and got ready to move. 


Literally this month we have spent the entire month moving. Our lease was up May 1st, so we decided to skip movers and just move ourselves. Ha. Easier said than done.

We moved all of our large furniture during the first few days of the month, and then went back and forth to get clothes, dishes, and miscellaneous stuff until the very last minute. It was an exhausting, horrible process that we will never put ourselves through again. 


So this is where we ended up. We finally got through this move, and we are finally free of our old apartment. While we absolutely loved it while we lived there, something was telling us we had overstayed our welcome. Now, we’re finally at home in our new place and feel like we’re starting to get it together. 

One of the things we did to celebrate finishing our move was changing our bedding. I know, out of all the way to celebrate? Well let me ask you – can you think of anything better than finishing an entire month’s worth of physical labor, taking a hot shower, and falling into brand new white bedding? Right, I thought so. 

Now imagine that you’re sinking into Belgian Flax Linen bedding – they don’t call it the Relaxed White Bed for no reason!

Basically, the whole point of this post was to update y’all on our move and explain why we haven’t updated in a while. But like I said, we have a few posts in the cue and we’re so excited to share more of our new apartment with y’all! 

For more house updates, follow us on Instagram and check our story! I’m always showing the house because it’s literally beautiful. 

Check out the Belgian Flax Linen Bedding / Perfectly Unmade Bed at Pottery Barn! 

Until next time,

Ariana & Hannah

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