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It’s getting colder, so you know what that means…

Shopping! I know, it doesn’t actually mean it’s time to shop. But let’s be real, as the weather changes, so does our wardrobe. So many things change in 365 days and in most cases, that includes our wardrobe. Okay, I’m not going overboard and getting rid of everything I currently call “warm clothes” but I am and I will be shopping to add in some new pieces.

Now you guys, I have to let you in on a little secret.

I am a recovering, self-diagnosed shopping addict. I haven’t sat down and talked to a professional about it or anything because I don’t think it’s actually serious. I’m not joking, from the moment I turned 16 and was able to have a job, I spent nearly every dime on shopping. Back then, I didn’t have any real responsibilities so it was harmless. Now that I’m kind of a real adult, I’ve had to hold up on my urges to spend every dime. Shout out to Hannah for keeping me in check on this.

Fast forwarding to now, I’m handling my finances better, making smarter decisions and blah blah. I am in the clear from my past addiction so that means I still get to shop… responsibly.

With that being said, I would like to share my Fall/Winter menswear must-haves.

Share these items with your boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, you get the idea. Christmas is creeping up so make sure to keep these items in mind if you know someone who would rock them.

1. Tops


Since we’re on the topic of clothes and shopping, I’ll go ahead and share my history with the style of clothing I am sharing in this post. I have always been influenced by streetwear from a young age. I have siblings, one of them being my older brother who is 8 years older than I am. Because of our age difference, I grew up around skateboarding, watching skate videos, snowboarding, surfing and a lot of outdoor activities that included anything with wheels. I’m not the sporty type, but watching and being around these sports has played a huge role in my style today. (See our post on how skate culture influences our lifestyle here)

Streetwear tops have always been my shopping go-to.

No matter how much I try to stray from streetwear, I always come back. Maybe, it’s all of the colors. These tops have everything I look for, bright pastel colors, some stripes, and even a 90’s nostalgic feel. Pastels and 90’s fashion are making their way back into style, so if you can’t tell, I’m a big fan.

2. Hoodies/Sweatshirts


Yes yes, more pastels and more nostalgia. I didn’t plan for this post to make me feel nostalgic it just happened! Anyway, I’m pretty sure everyone has owned or does own at least one hoodie or sweatshirt. I happen to own a few, but a few is a few too little. I am looking to add even more pastels to my wardrobe so guess what? I’m adding these to my shopping list.

3. Outerwear


During these cold winter months…well, I live in California so we get a mini winter but it’s still cold enough for cute outerwear. When it comes to outerwear, my wardrobe mostly consists of bomber jackets, denim jackets and windbreakers. It’s good that all of the above are a thing this upcoming season because I plan to buy more than Hannah will like.

4. Jeans/Pants


From skinny jeans to dad jeans, there’s a jean for us all. I am somewhere between skinny jeans and dad jeans. It’s a good thing the looser fitted chino pant is making its way back onto the scene this season. Some may say they never left, as chino pants have been a streetwear staple for I don’t know how long. So if you’re one who doesn’t quite enjoy your legs being hugged ever so tightly by your bottoms, give these a try. I love them, so i’m pretty sure you’ll see me rocking a pair this season.

5. Sneakers


You know what it is, sneakers. Sneakers are one of those things that can really have you questioning how big your closet space is. I don’t think I have too many but Hannah will argue otherwise. I don’t plan on giving up sneaker shopping, so we’re just going to have to get a bigger closet. I find myself buying the same 3 or so brands of shoes. Vans, Converse, and Adidas, with Vans being one of my most loved shoe brand as of now. Vans always finds a way to not go out of style. Have you noticed? checkered vans are coming back and they’re moving fast so grab a pair to spice up your fall/winter wardrobe this year!

Happy fall shopping!!

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  1. I can’t save my money either, it’s a rough ride lol. Lately I’ve been buying longer sleeve shirts but I live in Texas (for the most part), jackets and coats don’t make any sense for me, but there are so many good ones! I have seen lots of nostalgic pieces also, loving the pastels.

  2. I am definitely a shopping addict too. I always tell myself that I have enough clothing, and I don’t need anything else, but as soon as I’m in a store and see something that I don’t have, that all goes out the window! I’m also a huge fan of the 90s trends, and all the pastel coming back! Very excited to see what is going to be popular in Spring!

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