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I’m crazy about subscription boxes.

I love the surprise factor, the variety of products, and the consistent price. If you’ve read our Bootay Bag review, you know that subscription boxes are huge in Hannah’s and my household. So of course, when I heard about a beauty box made for Black Women I had to try it!

ONYX Box is a subscription service made by and for Black Women. Like many beauty subscription boxes, it’s designed to help women discover new products. However, what makes ONYX stand out is how personal it feels to receive products made specifically for me.

Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx BoxBeauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box

I was really excited to receive my first box, and first impressions did not disappoint!

It’s a heavy, moderately sized box, especially for a subscription service. The details are fun and emphasize that this box is personalized for me as a Black Woman.

The box came with a card that lists all of the products within. I love this detail because you can actually see what the value of the box is, and how much each product would cost individually. Not only do you get a visual for how much you save, but you can see what it would cost to buy another product if you really love it.

Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box

Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box

The contents of the box definitely set it apart from other subscriptions.

Look how full it is! I’ve tried tons of other subscription services, and most are a lot less impressive when you open the box. Not only is it full, but it’s full of products I can actually use.

This is super significant for Black Women because most products are designed for straight hair and a light skin tone, so they don’t work for us. It’s such a bummer when you get your box only to find one of the products is absolutely incompatible with you. I recently tried a subscription service that gave me some great products, until I opened a box to find “Beach Wave Spray”. Girl.

This is a big problem with a lot of “personalized” subscription services.

Even if you fill out the style profile and say you have dark skin and curly hair, they can still miss the mark. It could be a mistake, or it could be because they just don’t have the products that work for Black women. Either way, it can make something that is supposed to be about you feel like they don’t even care who you are.

Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box

This service is different.

Not only can I use everything, but I like everything! I got a lip-liner, detangling spray, lip/blush powder, herbal facial steam, and hand cream. First of all, I have to talk about this facial steam. If you’ve read our article on my favorite face wash, then you know my skin is a mess. It’s dry, it’s flaky, and it has done nothing but make my life difficult. So when I opened this box to find what’s basically revitalizing tea for my face, I was stoked! I would never have known to look for this product, but now that I have it it’s one of the most exciting new things in my life.

Another new product that surprised me is the lip tint. A more accurate product title is lip/cheek/eye/everything tint. It’s a red pigmented powder that you can use to color literally anything you want to be colored. It’s brilliant and versatile and perfect for me because I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and I don’t really know what to do with an overload of products. I love that this little bottle can be used anyway I want and that it looks so natural! It’s definitely a new favorite.

I love that this box does everything.

It gave me new products that I’ve never heard of before, and it gave me versions of the things I use and love. The dark brown lip-liner matches a lipstick I have perfectly, and who could EVER have enough detangling spray? This box really feels like it’s for me.

Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box

Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box

ONYX Box accomplished everything I wanted from a subscription service.

Not only did it feel personalized for me as a Black Woman, it felt personalized for me as an individual. I love the product variety and how tailored everything is for my beauty needs. Getting this box every month will be exciting and fun, just like getting a beauty subscription service should be!

To get your own ONYX Box, order here and use my coupon code: 01ARIANA to receive a second, “Best of ONYX” box in addition to your first box.

Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box  Beauty Subscription Box Black Women Onyx Box

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