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History is happening to us right now.

This pandemic is chaotic and overwhelming, and after a month of social distancing and self-isolation, we have had to prioritize our mental health above everything. We feel incredibly lucky to be where we are – we now have a home, and a yard, and a driveway. But no matter how much space you have at your disposal, there is space to incorporate a variety of health and wellness activities. Taking breaks to get fresh air and physical activity is going to be a vital habit, so we wanted to share what we have been doing!

We love the classics: walking and stretching.

These simple activities clear our minds and release tension from our backs, necks, and shoulders. Just 10-15 minutes of activity a day even helps us sleep better at night. 

We have been wearing these HOKA ONE ONE shoes to walk *every* day. They are so comfortable and easy to slip on, and they are a versatile shoe that allows us to do whatever activity we feel like that day. Whether it’s racing each other down the street, jumping rope, or doing morning yoga on our back patio, these HOKA ONE ONE Elevon 2 shoes  from Zappos  can keep up with all of our wildly inconsistent exercise whims. We also love to participate in livestream workout classes and follow our favorite workout guru’s at-home plans (cans and all) so we can keep up our wellness goals. 

However, some days it’s hard to find the motivation for fast-paced goal-oriented workouts. These are the days where we do our favorite physical activities:

1. Walking

We’ve been big fans of walking even before it was everyone’s favorite social distancing hobby. We just moved into a new neighborhood, so we love to look at houses, plants, and the beautiful mountains we now have in the distance! One of our favorite activities is to point out our favorite features that we may want to incorporate into our home/garden. We ogle giant palms and cacti, and google the names of architectural styles and unique garden scapes. Walking is a way that we day-dream together! 

2. Morning yoga poses

We’re definitely not yogis by any means, but we have been taking time to sit and stretch outside. It helps us reinvigorate ourselves, and ward off any of the typical neck and back stiffness that we can get from working at our desks all day. A few simple poses is all it takes to feel refreshed and open to the day!

3. Dynamic stretches

If you’re short on space but are looking to get both cardio and stretching in, dynamic stretches are one of our favorite ways to incorporate physical health into our day! We do this in the driveway, so you really only need several feet of space. You can do a variety of exercises and stretches, going back and forth like you are walking on a line. Some of our favorites are leg kicks, knee ups, quad stretches, lunges, hip-flexer stretches, and shoulder stretches. For any arm and shoulder stretches, make sure to keep pacing back and forth to keep your heart rate up. This is also a great warm up that we use if we are going to be doing an actual fitness routine, but it’s a great daily exercise to incorporate on its own!

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What wellness habits are you incorporating into your self-isolation or quarantine routine? Comment below!

Until next time,

Ariana & Hannah  

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