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Girl, let’s be honest. Skincare is no walk in the park.

Hannah and I have had some bumps in the road when it comes to our skin. I’m talking literal bumps or aka acne. I had a pretty bad case of acne that started to arise during those wonderful puberty years. During this time, I tried everything on the market except for the infamous Proactiv. Nothing seemed to work, in fact, most facial products that were geared towards acne only made my acne worse. As you can imagine, I grew insecure. It had gotten to the point that by the time I was 16, all I wanted for my birthday was to go to a dermatologist to put an end to my acne problems. One of my older sisters convinced me that this was a great decision and that if I figured out my acne problems, it could save me a lot of negative feelings about my skin in the future.

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Ariana’s Routine

When it comes to my face, I have every skin issue in the book. Not only do I have a history of acne, but I have extremely dry skin, dull complexion, and large pores.

Because my skin is SO problematic, my skincare essentials mainly consist of oils, moisturizers, and exfoliators with a product or two from my dermatologist. To keep all of these issues at bay, I typically wash my face with a prescription wash morning and night. However, when my face is especially dry and flaky, I like to use a facial scrub to soften my skin before washing. Once my face is washed and dried, I get right into my various cremes and gels. I always start with my prescription acne gel, and then I’ll apply anything moisturizing. I struggle a lot with absorbing moisture, so finding a moisturizer was a long battle for me. Thankfully, now I have a few products that always leave my face feeling revived.

Oils and serums are my best friends.

My skin loves oils and serums. They absorb right away and my skin lives for them. However, the problem with these is that they don’t last all day or overnight. I still use them, but I need a little extra something for all-day moisture. Which brings me to my ultimate moisturizing secret: Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream. Since using this product, I haven’t had even one day of flaky skin. Seriously. This moisturizer is the cherry on top of my skin-care routine.


That’s it for my routine, now on to Hannah’s.

Hannah’s Routine

My skincare routine has not always been as defined as Ariana’s. Puberty was pretty nice to me, so I enjoyed clear skin all through middle and high school. As a result, I literally just washed my face with water, and occasionally used a cleanser or over the counter products for a small bump here and there. However, right after I met Ariana, I started breaking out.

What started as small breakouts escalated to severe cystic acne all over my cheeks and more breakouts on the rest of my face. I tried masks, cleansers, creams, and oils, but nothing helped. I had other symptoms like mood swings, depression, and weight gain. Six months after my symptoms started, Ariana finally convinced me to go see a doctor. After appointments with both a gynecologist and dermatologist, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. I was put on medications that helped with balancing my hormones and given skincare prescriptions to heal my face.

Like Ariana, these prescriptions are the foundation of my skincare routine. (We actually use the same face wash and gel, which is pretty convenient.) Having acne taught me a lot about taking care of my face, so I hold my routine very close to my heart.

So here it is!

I wash my face twice a day with my prescription cleanser and let my skin air dry. This was a habit I got into when I had acne because towels can harbor a lot of bacteria. Another problem I have with my skin is puffiness in the morning, especially my eyes. I use the Bee Naturals eye balm religiously under my eyes and on my eyelids, then I follow that with our Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream because it keeps my eyes moisturized all night, which helps so much with morning puffiness. I follow this with my acne gel and avoid my eye area. Finally, I use another lighter moisturizer and/or a serum on my face and neck and use the Vanicream again on my neck and jaw.

I know, it’s excessive.

I just really like skincare. Especially anti-aging because I have a fear of aging badly. So any moisturizer or serum is just fun for me. I don’t think I need them to have clear skin or anything, but I do like to think that overloading on the moisture will keep me looking twenty-one forever!

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  1. I love reading about people’s skincare routines. I had fairly clear skin with a couple of breakouts here and there but my pimples were cysts and I ended up on Accutane. It actually made my already sensitive skin even more sensitive.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. Girl, I wish my face had even the slightest bit of oil. My face flakes at times because it can get so dry. I have tried so many moisturizing creams over the years. To be honest, the first few times I tried Vanicream, I hated it. Hannah turned me on to it and I just couldn’t get with the consistency of the cream because it’s so thick. It felt like it just sat on my face instead of absorbing. But one day, I decided to take the extra time to really work it into my face and it lasted ALL day. My face hasn’t felt dehydrated since. – A

    1. I know how that feels. I had pretty bad acne when I was a pre-teen up until I was around 17 or 18. I highly recommend seeing a dermatologist if you haven’t already. I can honestly say visiting a dermatologist changed my life and helped my skincare issues so much. – A

  2. I always enjoy reading the routines of others. I struggled for YEARS before finally going to the dermatologist. If only I went sooner I could have saved myself so much grief and worry over my skin. I’m glad you went when you were still young. I waited until my mid-20s! Your older sister was right about benefitting from going early on.

  3. I am absolutely obsessed with my skin ,especially on my face. I go to a dermatologist regularly to burn, freeze or peel whatever is necessary haha. I recently went to a blogging event that gave me Hey Honey products. I see you use that as well! I’m going to try mine! !

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