Weekly Favorites Weekend Wants Inspiration

This weekend is off to a good start.

For the first time in over a week, we had a good day today! If you watch us on Youtube then you know that Ariana has been horribly sick. She’s been bedridden for a week straight, and today was the first day we could get out of the house for any reason besides going to see a doctor. In addition to some typical errands, we decided to stop in one of our favorite places: Vroman’s Bookstore.

Weekly Favorites Weekend Wants Inspiration

We love this place for many reasons. Bookstores are always inspiring, and Vroman’s is no exception to this rule. We always leave feeling refreshed and renewed after being surrounded by their collections of stories, histories, and photographs.

However, that’s not all that happens.

Weekly Favorites Weekend Wants Inspiration

Bookstores have a tendency to give us something my mom calls “the gimmies”. Looking at all the pretty coffee table books, new novels, and art books Vroman’s has to offer just makes us want to buy them all. We want everything! So while we were outside at their little cafe, our conversation revolved around things we wanted to buy. Of course, this expanded from books to clothes to home stuff to tech. Below we’ve decided to compile our Weekend Wants list, which is everything we want to buy as of this weekend.

  1. After three months of furnishing and decorating our apartment, I’ve been neglecting the kitchen. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over this for an accent wall and this for our now bare backsplash.
  2. Speaking of home decor, we are completely at a loss for which direction to go for bedding! We’ve made this inspiration board to start.
  3. Since Ariana’s been sick, she’s had the worst dry skin ever (her words, I still think she’s beautiful). She’s dying to have something like this in her line of defense against dry, flaky skin.
  4. Every time I go into any makeup store ever, I swoon over this brand. I’ve never tried it but I’m dying to!
  5. We love museums, and we haven’t been able to get out too much but we’ve been eyeing tickets to this awesome museum here in LA.
  6. Ariana is a recovering shopaholic, so she’s always eyeing something new even if we can’t buy it. This is her weekly pick.
  7. Of course, if Ariana gets a weekly pick, so do I! So this is mine.




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